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terrifying yet sexy…hmmmmm


Childhood Ruined

There is a creepy “truth” to Fairly Oddparents. The Fairly Oddparents is about a kid playing pretend with his fish. His godparents died in a car crash when he was younger, since they were the only adults who ever understood him he finds comfort in imagining that they are there to watch over him, since his parents obviously dont care. His babysitter slaps him around but he isnt brave enough to tell on her. The granted wishes are all in his imagination, hence why they never have any lasting consequences. Mr. Crocker had made sexual advances on young Timmy for years, hence the delusion that he is desperate to steal Timmys “fairies’, which represent his innocence, joy, hope, and good wishes for the future.

I HATE when annoying children are throwing tantrums in public places,


and I’m standing there watching 

and the parents are just standing there all

If that were my kid, I wouldn’t even hesitate to be like 

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That moment when you press play on your iPod, and you forget that the volume is all the way up.


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"Finish or not finish, pass your paper!"


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Calling your mom back after 50 missed calls

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freaking awesome!

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